Our Mission

To improve the lives of individuals and families by providing affordable, quality counseling and education


On behalf of the clients, staff, and Executive Committee of FSA Counseling Center we are elated to welcome you to the Board of Director’s Portal. We recognize that you have a demanding schedule and ore extraordinarily busy with your work, family, hobbies, and friends. For this reason, we will work diligently to impose as little on your time as possible. As part of that goal we have created this secure portal where you will be able to access any information you may need. 

Board Minuets

Each month board meeting minuets and other reports will be added as new posts on the Board Posts page

Committee Information

 Find information on each of the FSA committees, including committee rosters and notes

Important Updates

Double check dates for all meetings and events on the board calendar page

Organizational Documents

This page houses FSA organizational documents such as the Employee Handbook, Policies and Procedures, and Bylaws