Batterer’s Intervention Program


Certified Domestic Batterers Counseling and Intervention Program 

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, family violence, and intimate partner violence can take many forms including physical aggression, threats, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, controlling behaviors, intimidation, stalking, neglect, and economic deprivation. The FSA Batterer’s Intervention Program is meant to break the cycle of domestic violence, restoring relationships and creating a safe living space for everyone.

Domestic Batterer Counseling

FSA Counseling Center provides the only state-certified Batterer’s Intervention program for perpetrators of domestic violence in the entire Wabash Valley.  It is a comprehensive, evidence-based, 26-week program that has been part of our counseling services since 1999.

The Batterer’s Intervention Program works with men and women who batter and have issues surrounding power and control of others, especially their intimate partners and children. Both men and women’s programs are separate, but very effective.

The program has three main goals:

  1. Ensuring victim safety
  2. Developing a coordinated community response to the problem of domestic violence
  3. Holding batterers accountable for their abusive behaviors.

Our ultimate goal is to end any violence in a participant’s intimate partner relationships.

The Road to Recovery

We want to help men and women suffering from mental health issues that result in violent or abusive behavior understand what’s happening and why. With this information, a set of strategies, and the support of their group leaders, we work to safely reunite families.

We often coordinate care with the Vigo county courts system to ensure our programming is meeting the needs of the batterers and families.

Anyone who completes the program is allowed to return for additional sessions and assistance at no additional cost. 

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