Mental Health Counseling


Professional Assistance from all FSA Staff and Behavior Health Specialists

We do our best to be prompt and readily available to our community, providing every patient with a sense of understanding and relief as quickly as possible.

Find Quality Mental Health Counseling and Care 

At FSA, we understand that effective counseling and therapy are reliant on trust, confidentiality, and relationship building. Our professional mental health providers are focused on the personal growth, development, and the remediation of mental health issues for children, adults, couples, and families.

Counseling Services that are Affordable and Available for Everyone

We believe that everyone has the right to a happy life and clean bill of mental health. FSA offers counseling services on a reduced-fee scale with free counseling to victims of violent crimes. We are determined to provide quality mental health care to those in our community who can afford it, but also to those who are the most vulnerable and/or uninsured. EVERYONE is welcome here.

At FSA, we focus on problem-solving, decision-making, and helping our clients discover the personal benefits related to learning and development. In other words, we give people the tools they individually require to lead happy and healthy lives.

 Our Services

 Screenings and treatment of   behavioral and/or emotional   disorders such as depression,   addiction, eating disorders,   alcoholism, and anxiety.

 Helping students develop their   educational, social, and personal   strengths to become responsible   and productive citizens.

 Assisting in identifying career   options and teaching the strategies   and skills needed for adults and   teens to obtain meaningful   employment.

 Providing support for people trying   to process stress, loss, or transition.

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