Supervised Visitation

The FSA Counseling Center is a Certified Visitation Center

It is with the child’s safety in mind that parents are court-ordered to be supervised when spending time their children. In this instance, a third party observer is required to be in the room during the entire visit to ensure the safety of the child or children. FSA is a licensed visitation center and is certified to serve as the third party during routine supervised visits.

As the visitation supervisor, we are there to create a relaxed environment where parents can reconnect and heal with their children. Our goal is to develop healthy parenting patterns around a dependable schedule. We want this to be a time that is eagerly anticipated by both the parent and the child. Quite often, parents who are going through a difficult divorce or separation, or someone who has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, will be court-ordered to undergo supervised visitations as he or she is participating in counseling and rehabilitation programs.

Supervised visitation can be very emotional, stressful, and expensive. FSA counselors are here to help navigate these emotionally-charged waters, making the visit as pleasant and fun as possible.

Our sliding-scale fee structure applies to supervised visitations as well, so parents can afford to see their children as much as possible, regardless if they are insured, uninsured, or encountering financial strain. Home is where the heart is, and the professionals at FSA are dedicated to being part of the healing process.

Supervised visits occur directly at our FSA supervised visitation center and last for about one hour. We work with local court systems to coordinate a safe and appropriate visitation environment for the child and parent. For more information or to begin the process for setting-up supervised visitation, please call 812-232-4349 or contact us below.