Support Groups & Programs

In addition to our mental health counseling services and specialty programs, we offer several different community support groups and topic-specific programs. This includes support groups formed at the request of our clients and their families, as well as those identified based on the community as a whole.

Here are several of the current groups we offer.

Women's Trauma Support Group

This group was started at the request of several clients seeking extra support from their peers. There is no cost to participate. Contact us for dates & times.

Children's Trauma Support Group

Kids are amazing. They are resilient, and they also need to know they are not alone in their experience. This group was started to help children realize they are not alone as they suffer from traumatic events in their lives. Contact us for dates and times.

Anger Management

This is a 10-week program in a group setting, where we focus on learning to manage anger, stop violence or the threat of violence while developing self-control over our thoughts and actions. This program is for non-intimate partner batterers. Medicaid, Medicare and self-pay options available.

Parenting Education Program

We offer a 7-week psycho-education program to help parents learn to cope and manage effective parenting. It’s not easy being a parent today, especially with the access to technology and other struggles our children face daily. Learn how to understand your child’s behavior, how to listen to and talk to your child, and find discipline that makes sense. This program is self-pay but call for more information.

If you’d like more information about any of these groups or want to learn more about our counseling services, please let us know today.