Victim Services

You don’t have to be a victim anymore.

FSA provides advocacy, counseling, and education for those who have been victims of domestic abuse. We are professionally trained to work with children and adults who have experienced abuse on an on-going basis, or who were part of a single traumatic experience. No matter the person, circumstance, or timeline, we are here to set you back on the path to recovery.

FSA provides quality victim services

counseling in the following ways:

  •  Crisis intervention
  •  Victim counseling
  •  Critical incident stress debriefing

Women’s Trauma Survivor Group

We have developed and facilitate the only women’s group tailored to help survivors of trauma in the Wabash Valley. This group helps many women in our community in building a network of support, healing, and developing a true sense of belonging and acceptance. There is no cost for participants.

Children and Teen Trauma Groups

Unique to the Wabash Valley, we have also added two children’s trauma survivor groups. Trauma deeply affects how children grow up, and these groups are meant to help children realize they are not alone in their suffering by giving them the tools to heal and move forward in a healthy way.  We work with children who are victims of bullying, have educational concerns in school, experience adjustment issues, have attachment disorders, or who may be grieving and angry following divorce or other traumatizing life events. There is no cost for participants.

Additional services include intervention and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and other crimes, with outreach efforts, training, and education provided to law enforcement and the community.

With any domestic abuse victim counseling service or intervention, our main goal is to show clients they are not alone and that there is always help available. With our sliding-scale fee structure, we are able to provide counseling services to even the most vulnerable populations. And you can trust that your experiences and information are held in the strictest confidence.

If you have experienced trauma, or you know someone who needs help, please contact us to learn more.